East Hale Cardigan in Knitscene

I’m so excited because my new knitting pattern, the East Hale Cardigan, just came out in the fall 2011 issue of Knitscene Magazine! It’s a men’s zippered cardigan with a classic casual style.

I just uploaded a design demo video for the pattern, check it out

It’s my first men’s pattern to publish, and I’m not sure what to expect. I’m just dying to hear what you all think, so please leave a comment below!


  1. Y’all are the cutest couple! The cardigan is perfect and looks as if it has a great fit. I am going to show it to Mr. Wonderful and see what he thinks! We are still wearing the hoodies around here and it is the middle of July!!

  2. Thanks Michelle! I thought he did so well in the video. I should get him to model for me more often! I bet your “Mr. Wonderful” will love the cardigan too. And you’ll be happy to know that it is a pretty fast/easy knit (especially if you don’t mind a few easy short-rows). If you end up making it, I would love to see pictures!

  3. I cannot believe you don’t have a bazillion comments. LOVE that sweater. And so did my husband, which caused me to put out the money to buy the mag. off the newsstand. Had a terrible time finding the yarn. He didn’t want any of the few natural colors I could find locally. Ordered some from WEBS but the color was so different than what we thought we were getting that I’ll have to find another color for him. Thinking of using the yarn I bought to make one for myself. I look every day on ravelry to see if there are more East Hale projects. Hoping a busty woman will make one for herself so I can see how it might look on me.

  4. Ha ha! I know, right?!! Thanks so much Denise! I hope you find the perfect color for your husband. When I was knitting the sample, all the ladies in my knitting group said they wanted one for themselves too, so you’re not alone :) I love wearing Brian’s even though it’s a size too big. I expect to start seeing more projects pop up on Ravelry in the next few weeks, so keep checking!. I’d love to see pictures of both yours and your husband’s cardigans when you finish so stay in touch!

  5. Hey! Just wanted to say that I bought the magazine and fell in love with this pattern. I showed it to my boyfriend and it was immediately cleared for knitting! I have the yarn but I’m curious as to what your husbands chest circumference is compared to the size (or just how much positive ease there is). Thank you so much for the pattern!


  6. Great sweater! I hadn’t looked that closely at it until I saw the video here. I think it looks better on your husband then their model. :) Plus, they hid the photo of that cool shoulder detail in the back of the magazine! Love the i-cord, garter stitch bands and collar too. Very stylish but simple — perfect for my guy!

  7. Love this video, you two remind me of my son and his girlfriend. This cardi looks just what my son would like. I have to say that I love the construction techniques. As someone who currently has @5 projects completed but languishing for seams, etc., one seam is killer!!!!! Good luck with your knitting future. Going to order the magazine which is one of my favorite mags, along with Knits.

  8. I think this is the perfect pattern I’ve been looking for to make my son a sweater for college. I’m hoping I can figure out how to add some pockets. The video was very nice—you look like a great couple and it was easy to see how well the sweater looked from front and back, zipped and unzipped. Thank you!

  9. What a great pattern–and video! I first saw the pattern in Knitscene at my LYS, and mentally flagged it as something to make for my guy. He’s more a sweatshirt hoodie type than lumberjack chic (LOL!). But it would be great for days when he needs to be a little more dressed up.

  10. Thanks so much Kim! My hubby is totally the hoodie type as well, but as soon as he got his new cardigan he made the switch. He wore it everyday and it made me so happy!

  11. Hello there, I began the sweater. Is there an oops in the directions? Shouldn’t the end of each right side row end in K3 (instead of P3, as written)? I’m making this one for myself! Maybe my husband will get one in the future, maybe not…

  12. Hey Denise! It’s great to hear that you started your project, and I’m so happy that you’re knitting it for yourself first :) The pattern as written is correct. Since an i-cord is a thing that is actually a tube, there is no right or wrong side. I know it must seem strange to do 3 purl stitches at the end of the right-side row, but I promise it will all work out in just a couple of rows. Just don’t forget to slip those stitches purl-wise (with the yarn held to the back) at the beginning of the next row and you’ll be just fine.

  13. Hi Alexis
    I just watched the video and want to make this sweater for my husband who is always cold! I am pretty new to knitting but I think I could handle this. Do you think I could use chunky yarn? How do I go about getting this pattern? I am not familiar with the knitting book you mentioned and so would appreciate any advise you have. Thanks for your time….I think the video was very nice.

  14. Hi Martha,
    You can purchase a pdf of the pattern through Interweave’s webstore here Chunky yarn will work just fine. Just make sure your gauge matches the one in the pattern. You should make a little knitted square as a test, and adjust your needle size to accomodate your yarn substitution.

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