Knitscene Magazine Feature Spread

How could I possibly describe how excited I am? “Very” would be an understatement. “Extremely”, doesn’t quite cut it either. Something more like “titanically” or “colossally” seems more apropos. Okay, so I’m gargantuanly excited about Knitscene Magazine’s winter 2011 issue which profiles YOURS TRULY and features a 4 piece collection of my original designs! I’m still not sure that “gargantuan” aptly captures this, but oh well.

So the whole thing started about 9 months ago when I got an email from Lisa Shroyer, Knitscene’s editor, asking if maybe, possibly, would i perhaps be interested in such a thing. I remember reading this several times thinking, is this email really for me? Is this a prank orchestrated by international association of jerk-faces?  I quickly replied YES, before she had a chance to change her mind!

I think I squealed, I know I danced, and though it was a long time ago, I’m pretty sure I made jazz hands.

I immediately began designing. Here are some of the drawings I sent for my proposals:

I remember being so excited when I sent-in my proposals. I knew it would be a big job with a tight deadline, but I’m nothing if not enthusiastic and ambitious!  It is with equal enthusiasm that I share these designs with you now! The Canyon Mitts, The Zelda Cloche, The Vera Cardigan, and The Nora Sweater Dress.

With all those stripes, flattering design details, and contrasting color choices, I feel that this collection really captures my design aesthetic. I’m so proud of each piece!

I’ll be doing a blog post for each of the designs over the next week. Stay tuned for my design inspiration, and extra photos of each design. I’d love to hear what you all think, so please leave a comment in the section below!


  1. Alexis,
    I was so excited to see your name on the COVER of the KnitScene Winter 2011 issue. I am currently knitting a Delancey, love ALL of your designs, and talked about you on my video podcast Stockinette Zombies. CONGRATS on the much deserved title of NEXT BIG THING!

  2. Wow, Alexis…Wow! I don’t have words to aptly describe how awesome this is for you! Even though I’m not a knitter, I love each and every one of these pieces you designed. I could totally see myself one day learning to knit, just so I could have one of these (like that amazing cardigan) in my closet! And the sweater dress…yes, I’d like to have that in there too! You rock!

  3. I’m just blown away! To have not only one, but all four designs chosen is totally mind blowing. I just sent off a proposal with three ideas and it never occurred to me that they might choose them all, lol. I can’t wait to take a crack at the Eco Wool dress :)

  4. CambriaW, Thanks so much! The Nora dress was a surprisingly fast knit, especially for a dress. It’s almost got me looking forward to the COLD New York winter!

  5. I already got that magazine and have made the hat, it rocks. Mine is red and black I love it.

  6. Congratulations, Alexis! I love your design aesthetic. I have the pattern for the Delancey cardigan waiting for when I have time to knit it, and I love the new work. I got my copy of Knitscene just the other day, and while I wish I had time to knit Vera, I am sure I will be knitting Zelda soon! It’s such a striking hat and I love the simplicity combined with the clever detail work. Yay, you!

  7. I am a first timer via twitter – congratulations lady!! I love your designs and you truly deserve the spotlight :-) I am also obsessed with your videos! Brilliant. Glad to have pressed the “subscribe” button.

  8. These are so gorgeous. I sometimes feel that even the good knitting magazines have clunky patterns that I would probably not really wear, but these designs are so OPPOSITE of that in every way. Totally current, beautiful, flattering. I’m so proud of you. :)

  9. I LOOOOOOVE all of these! so original and gorgeous!! and seriously, any of them would make the PERFECT 32nd Birthday Present..If you know what I mean! HINT! HINT! seriously though, congrats, this is awesome! Always excited to see what you do next.

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