Fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy Relief: The Caring Cowl Pattern

From now until the end of the year, I will donate all proceeds from my pattern, The Caring Cowl, to the Red Cross to benefit Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. In addition, if you help me spread the word, I will send you a free pattern of your choosing (any from my Rav Store). *details at the end.

The Caring Cowl is a super quick fun knit that is perfect for gifting. The pattern is easy enough for beginners, but still manages to be entertaining, not to mention ultra hip!

As you all know, I live in Brooklyn and work in Manhattan. The last week has been surreal. Last Sunday (one week ago) we were gathering supplies, and hoping for the best. The weathermen stopped using the cute nickname “Frankenstorm” and starting calling Hurricane Sandy the “storm of the century”. I actually saw an Oklahoma “storm-chaser” on TV who traveled to NYC for what he thought would be a storm on the scale of Hurricane Katrina. People living in “Flood Zone A” areas were being asked to evacuate (just a few blocks away from our apartment). This was terrifying.

Honestly, my experience being in the hurricane was not that bad. Our lights flickered quite a bit, but I still managed to get a lot of knitting done. We lost television reception and internet, so we played board games and made up a new cocktail recipe. We stayed up late, and slept-in the next morning.

We faired pretty well in this neighborhood of Brooklyn, but it would be 3 more days before we made contact with my parents who live in lower Manhattan. I probably called them 100 times. I was sick with worry. Finally on Wednesday, they showed up on our doorstep, haggard and with all their luggage in tow. They had been in the dark for days, both literally and figuratively. We showed them all the devastating pictures coming in from Breezy Point and Atlantic City, and our hearts were broken, but at least we were together. They stayed with us until today, when their power was restored at their apartment.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words of support. Everything turned out okay for us, so it is now time to turn our compassion outward towards the folks who have really been affected.

** Please help me spread the word about my fundraiser! If you tweet, post on Facebook, or include a link to Caring Cowl or this post on your blog, I would love to send you a free pattern from my Ravelry Store. All you have to do is comment below with your pattern choice and include a link to your mention. Thanks again!


  1. This is an incredible thing you are doing! I bought the pattern and shared the link on my facebook page I am also going to post the link to some groups I belong to on facebook.
    I would like to receive the Gowanus shawl pattern.
    Thank You SO MUCH for your kindness to others! :)

  2. I have shared your link on Facebook. I think this is really a wonderful thing you’re doing! I’ll be buying the cowl pattern, it’s sooo pretty! Happy to hear you and your family are all doing well. I’d love to get a copy of the Zelda Cloche hat please. Thank you so much!!!

  3. What a great way to use what you have to help others!! I reblogged someone’s post on Tumblr and posted on Facebook. No need to give me anything. I bought the pattern. Like I said on FB – I may never get to make it, but if I do, I will be able to do it. I’m not a very accomplished knitter! But every little bit helps when it comes to helping others!

  4. This is a wonderful thing, the pattern looks amazing. Keep Safe, if there is anything we can do to help……………………. I will share this in my knitting group, Have A Yarn, in Mahone Bay, NS and on my facebook page.

  5. What a great idea! Shared on FB. How long will you have the pattern up for charity? I would love to try the Delancy cardigan! thanks and good luck to everyone there.

  6. Great pattern, great idea. I purchased the pattern, have it waiting in my Ravelry library! No need to give me anything else. Glad to hear you and your parents are doing OK, and I’ve been sending prayers for all those who had much damage. I’ve been through a flood myself, and know how devastating that can be.

  7. Great Idea! I’m not a knitter but I will post this link in my crochet groups (some of them knit also). I will also put pin this to my Pintrest.

    Good Luck!

  8. I will post this on my Facebook and I have purchased the pattern. this is such a great way to help out. No need to send me a free pattern–you have done enough. Thinking of all of you in Sandy’s path. Hurricanes are destructive in ways one cannot even imagine until it actually happens to you or a loved one.

  9. Hello! this is great! I love your “caring cowl” and I love this idea…
    I will take one pattern from your ravelry store, I am also taking one Gowanus and if you could send me as my “free” one the capital scarflette?
    Thank you, I hope a lot of people will be following you!

  10. Hi Alexis.

    This is so great, I just bought one as a gift for a Brooklyn knitting friend!

    I shared it on twitter as well, so hopefully more of my knitting followers buy a few.


  11. Gosh, glad to hear that you and your parents are OK. It was such a scary week, and my heart is broken for all the people who suffered so much from the storm.

  12. Found this on Zite and was so impressed with what you are doing. Bought the pattern and plan to share your info on FB? Good luck and thank you!

  13. Thank you for sharing with those in need. Lovely pattern. Also bought the Georgina cardigan pattern – no need to send a freebie. Thanks again.

  14. Thank you so much for what you are doing! I just bought the Caring Cowl pattern, and posted your link on my FB page: I’d love the Gowanus Scarf/Shawl pattern. Thank you! Good luck – it looks like you’ve already done an amazing job with your fund-raising.

  15. This is posted on my FB. I’ll be ordering a pattern soon – when I finish the two current projects… This is a wonderful effort – I wish you the best in raising some much needed funds and awareness.

  16. What a wonderful idea! I would have bought your cowl pattern anyway – it’s adorable and I love a good cowl – but I’m so glad the proceeds are going to help the storm victims. I bought the cowl pattern and the Bergen Street Cardigan pattern. I’ve posted this to my facebook, so if you want to send me a free pattern, I’ll take the Gowanus. (Otherwise, I’ll probably just end up buying it.) Thank you for doing this! :)

  17. Oops! I meant the Sacha pattern. I’m going to purchase the Caring Cowl – thanks!

  18. I bought the cowl, looking forward to making some Christmas gifts. You are doing such a wonderful thing, I do not want to take another pattern from you. I will share on my facebook page Thanks

    Hi. I just Retweeted and am heading to rav to buy the pattern. I’d love a copy of red bud gloves. I have Gems in red and pink just waiting for a pattern like this! Thanks and good luck. We just moved from Long Island last year and my heart goes out to so many dear friends struggling through this disaster. My daughters school is collecting goods for a sister city in Brooklyn and shipping overnight from CA tomorrow. Our hearts are with you.

  20. Hello!
    I found you via Disparate Disciplines. I love the Caring Cowl and am promoting on my Facebook page (The Denver Sewing Collective). When I complete the cowl I will also post on my blog too. I would love the Georgina Cardigan pattern and think this is such a swell idea to help those in need. .

  21. Thank you for doing this. I bought your pattern and I am excited to get started after at least 3 or 4 projects that are ahead of this one. I also liked you to facebook. I really appreciate you doing this fundraiser. I really like the figurehead shawl.

  22. Love this charity idea! So glad you got extra time with your parents, even if the circumstance wasn’t the greatest. I am posting in my knitting groups, as well as the Knit in Public Day page for Fort Worth Texas. I would like the Gowanus, please.
    My parents are here from Norman, and I am enjoying them!

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