Cabled Dad Hat

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The Cabled Dad Hat was inspired by my own father’s desire for a basic, but classy winter hat. Admittedly, after making the hat for him, I loved it so much that I wore it for a week before handing it over. The hat looks great with the brim folded up for a classic look, or unfolded so the back of the hat slouches down.

The hat is worked circularly from the bottom up. The patterning on the hat consists of a combination of seed stitch, ribbing, and easy twisted-stitch cables. The pattern is worked from a chart.

Suggested: worsted weight 10ply
Pictured: Rowan Lima 84% baby alpaca, 8% merino wool, 8% Nylon, Color #880, 50g: 120 yds; 2 balls (180 yds used)

Ribbing: US size 6 (4 mm): 16” circular needles or set of double pointed needles (dpns)
Hat: US size 7 (4.5 mm): set of double pointed needles (dpns)

Adjust needle size to obtain stitch gauge.

24 sts and 34 rows = 4” in chart A pattern on larger needles

20″ circumference
9.5” total length

The hat is modeled here on a 22″ head, but fits heads from 21″ – 24.5″.


  1. Your picture looks great!!Thank you in advance for sharing!!Looking forward to knitting this beautiful hat for each of my adult sons and daughters!! Thank you,thank you!!

  2. This is such a nice gift that signing up is certainly a fair trade and I would have done it anyway. I found you because of the sign up and the pattern is just a nice way to find you. I hope that made sense. My sugar is a touch low and I’m signing up instead of eating. Silly, but what is more important must come first. Knitting before eating, as long as I don’t pass out. :)

  3. Thanks sooo much for the pattern, I’ve been looking for the perfect hat to knit for my cousin…your pattern def caught my eye. ❤️
    Now to find the perfect yarn color

  4. I LOVE this hat! Thank you! I want to cast on during the Acadamy Awards I like it so much. First one I’ve seen I really like. Stash diving now.

  5. I would have signed up with or without the pattern, I’m just happy I found you site! Thank you for the pattern, I’m just learning cables, this will be on the top of “when I feel confident” list!!

  6. Thank you! Looking forward to knitting it. The Zelda Cloche is on my to do list also.

  7. Thank you for this terrific pattern. I’m going to make it for MY dad, then likely follow with one for my son!

  8. Thanks for the gorgeous hat pattern. I look forward to receiving the newsletter.

  9. Hi! Always on the lookout for a great hat; signing up to read more about knitting is so worth it. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your newsletter! – KVL (carrotmusic on Ravelry)

  10. Thanks for sharing such a nice hat. Great design, and I’ve been looking for a new hat for myself for ages, wanted nice, but not overly complicated or boringly plain… perfect! I have a caked up skein of a leftover MadTosh Vintage in Georgia O’Keefe that should work. I am also very happy to sign up for your newsletter and look forward to more knitting news from you. Elaine (sunshine on Ravelry)

  11. Hi Elaine, I’m so glad you like my design! That yarn sounds lovely. I hope you’ll take a picture for me of your hat and post it on Ravelry.

  12. Thanks for the hat pattern. I make chemo hats for cancer patient.This will be the one I will do probably alot more then other hats.

  13. Hi, Alexis! Many thanks for the pattern. Just a question: for those of us lazy folk, is there a way to knit this with the same needles all the way? I know the ribbing won’t be quite the same, but my dpns, straight needles, AND round needles are all 4.5mm and I don’t have a smaller size. Thanks!

  14. It seems like a lot of stitches for worsted on 4.5 and 5.0 needles, and with only a few decreases on the first row, yet the finished hat isn’t stiff from being knit tightly. My last hat with similar shaping used 96 stitches in dk.

    Has anyone tried 4 repeats?

  15. Hi Kittenknit,
    You bring up an interesting point about the denseness of the fabric. The yarn I chose for my design is quite fluffy and light. The fabric that resulted from that yarn and the size 5mm needles had a nice hand and didn’t seem dense at all. If you wanted to substitute a different yarn, you would most certainly get a different result. Even a dense DK might be appropriate.

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