May 15, 2011

Design Demo Video: Figurehead Shawl

This is the first of a series where I plan to do a demo video for each of my new designs. In this video post, I talk about my Figurehead Shawl pattern that was recently published in Knitscene Magazine, Summer 2011 issue. I discuss my inspiration, yarn, design elements and show what it looks like on a real person.

I hope you enjoy! Please leave some comments below to tell me what you think.


Buy the magazine with Figurehead Shawl $7.99

Knitscene Magazine's website


  • F1f51df4e8fc140e8c3f6053e0bd28b7.png?s=100& avatars%2fsheepsies12

    about 11 years ago

    Awesome girl! I will have to try one, need to have personal lesson though!

  • Cf6c3635c5cd3ac017b5ec56136c0ee7.png?s=100& avatars%2fsheepsies13

    about 11 years ago

    Hey Alexis! Love the video. I'm a huge fan of your patterns, in fact, I dedicated a blog post to you! I'm a die hard crocheter, and yours are the only patterns I'll knit. Keep up the great work!

  • 29183a2c73e90ae84d06593240d6e91d.png?s=100& avatars%2fsheepsies2

    Alexis Winslow
    about 11 years ago

    Hey Beth, Thanks so much! You did such a beautiful job on your Op Top project, and I love your blog post :) It's so nice to hear from a fan! I've got a ton of new patterns coming out this fall and winter, so keep a look out!

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