Nov 11, 2017

Homage Launch

Homage has launched! It's hard to describe the feeling of launching a book. It's part excitement, part relief, part anxiety that someone is going to discover some egregious error that I somehow overlooked despite round after round of exhaustive editing, but mostly, I'm just plain proud. I'm proud of all my books, but this one is something special.

At one point in my life, I thought I wanted to be a portrait artist—there are even a few of my older works still out there, and I occasionally get orders for prints. I went to art school and studied painting and pottery (which inspired my last book), and incidentally I also minored in art history. I wasn't really trying for a minor, since I already had a dual focus in my studio arts studies, but I just kept signing up for those art history classes! I remember at the time, not really loving all the reading that was required for those classes, but I also saw the value in exposing myself to as much art as possible. I have always loved looking at art.

Homage features five new patterns, each drawing inspiration from an influential female artist—Agnes Martin, Maya Angelou, Otti Berger, Hilla Becher, and Georgia O'keeffe. These women had different paths through their artistic careers, but they all offer something that has seeped into my aesthetic vocabulary. I'm so proud to share this collection with the world, because like a Maya Angelou poem, it reveals my insides to the world in the best way I know how, through yarn.

Now that Homage has launched, it's time to announce the winners of my pre-order promotion! Congratulations to Jamie, Kelly, and Esther who all won yarn to knit one of the sweaters from this new collection. Thanks to all you wonderful folks who pre-ordered the book. I actually sold out of my stock in the first 24 hours after the launch, which was quite unexpected! I still have more yarn to give away, so I'm planning another giveaway at the end of the month (more on that very soon).

The launch party at String Thing Studio was tons of fun! Despite the Nor'easter raging outside, plenty of people showed up to celebrate. Thanks to everyone who braved that torrential rain—you folks are some real badass die-hards! I have an extensive trunk show still going on at String Thing Studio until November 30. I hope you'll come by to check out the show, and pick up your copy of Homage.


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