Oct 24, 2014

Sweetness KAL Part 5: Sleeve 1

Welcome to Part 5 of the Sweetness Knit Along! Last week we finished the body, which is a huge accomplishment! Pat yourself on the back, lady! Now all that's left are the sleeves.

If you're like me, you're about 30 hours into your project. I don't usually keep track of my knitting time, but I thought it would be interesting to do just once. It's amazing how all that time adds up–1 hour here, 45 minutes there. I love knitting to relax, so looking at my time sheet I'm wondering why I'm not more relaxed!

This week, we are going to finish one of those sleeves. The pattern is written for 3/4 length sleeves, but since it's worked from the top-down, it will be very easy for you to adjust the length. I've been really into 3/4 length sleeves for a sweater lately. I love to wear sweaters like this layered over a button-down shirt, because the cuffs poke out from the short sweater sleeves. I also think the 3/4 length sleeves help to make it more of a 3 seasons garment.

The trickiest part of this section is at the very beginning. To start the sleeve you will transfer the held stitches from one side of the yoke onto a set of dpn's. Then you will pick up some stitches from the underarm, knit across the held stitches, then pick up some more stitches from the underarm. The rest of the sleeve is pretty straightforward. You will work regular decrease rows to taper the sleeve toward the cuff, then there is a short section of ribbing similar to the lower edge of the body. Like I suggested for Part 4, I encourage you to try the Kitchener Bind-off here, but a loose 1x1 rib will work just fine too.

As always, if you want to join in on the KAL fun, visit the Ravelry thread and say hi! Even if you're just starting, I would still love to see your progress pictures.

Check back next Friday, November 7 for the sixth installment: Sleeve #2 and Finishing!


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    Dayana Knits
    over 7 years ago

    There's an app for the iPhone called "Billings" which is fun. You stop and start and it keeps a running total of your projects. The funny part is you can put a price on your knitting per hour. Ok, maybe not so funny, possible depressing, lol!

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    Alexis Winslow
    over 7 years ago

    Dayana–Thanks for the info! That actually sounds hugely useful for a bunch of different things I do.

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