Oct 16, 2014

Meet The Woodstar Hat and Mitts from Graphic Knits

The Woodstar Hat and Mitts were the 8th and 9th patterns that I wrote for my book, Graphic Knits.

Designing these was a very special treat for me. I have such strong and perhaps perplexing love for creating and knitting geometric Fair Isle charts. I had been looking forward to this design for months, and saved it to do over my annual trip home to Oklahoma for the holidays.

Some people like to read a book, other people like to take a nap, but for me, knitting complicated Fair Isle is my favorite thing to do on an airplane. Any time I'm going to take an airplane somewhere, I start daydreaming about colorful, intricate, Fair Isle motifs.

I cast-on for the first mitt right after I boarding the plane for my trip, and almost finished by the time we landed. I saved mitt #2 for the flight home.

The yarn I chose for this set was Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light. It's deliciously warm and soft and comes in some really great colors. I knew I would love this yarn because I used it for my Op Top design years ago.

The hat is a slightly slouchy beret style, and has a really pretty 6-pointed star worked into the crown.

The mitts feature a similar motif, but also have a cute little diamond detail worked into the thumb gusset.

I probably I loved this design so much because the color and patterning reminded me of one of my favorite home decor designers, Jonathan Adler. I can't really afford anything he makes, but I love walking by the Jonathan Adler shops in NYC and daydreaming about an apartment full of white upholstery and quirky throw pillows. It just looks like heaven to me!

For more information about these designs, visit the pattern pages here:
Woodstar Mitts
Woodstar Hat


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